San Diego Center for Hyperbaric Therapy


My name is Seth and I am a Navy SEAL stationed in Coronado, CA.  Four months ago I fractured two vertebrae while conducting training operations out at sea; a 200-pound person fell off a ship onto my head from a height of 15 feet.  The incident left me with a broken neck and significant nerve damage in my right arm.  I lost the use of my right triceps and pectoral muscles and had numbness in my right hand.

My physical therapist recommended I call Kraig and Jennifer Dorner at the San Diego Center for Hyperbaric Therapy to undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT).  Healing quickly was a priority as I needed to redeploy with my unit to Iraq.

I spoke with Kraig and Jennifer, and they immediately scheduled me for a doctor’s consult, followed 20 HBOT sessions. 

After my fourth hyperbaric oxygen treatment I regained considerable strength in my right arm.  I graduated from lifting 5 lbs with my right triceps to doing repetitions with 25 lbs.  All of the pain associated with my fractured vertebrae subsided.

My neurological doctor was very surprised with the amount of strength I regained after two months if treatments.

Three months after the incident I am recovering rapidly.  I can do my normal workout routine and have no pain.  My friends are amazed that after such a serious injury I am functioning at nearly full capacity.  I know HBOT made an enormous impact on my healing process!

I will most certainly recommend their facility to any of my friends or family.

Thanks guys,